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Please to create posts and topics. A Shady Review Site

I want to let people know about about this very shady review site called As it bad mouths legit lottery systems and legit business for it's own profit.

The owner of this shady review sites seems to be a marketer named Darren Burton. He posts reviews on products calling them scams to deter people from buying that product. This loser will call a product a scam without giving any solid proof. He lies about the product to make it sound very bad when in fact it is not.

The whole purpose of this shady marketers antics is to grab your attention by bad mouthing well known lottery systems or products, then he points you to what he is selling. What kind of crap stain of a person uses this shady tactic to try and get more sales for himself. His name is Darren Burton a con artist/shady marketer.

This piece of crap hurts business for his own gain. Please pass this info on to as many places, forums, sites, facebook etc as you can. So people can get the heads up on this con artist.

I post these to warn all, do not ever believe a review written by this creep, or any review on his site

This shady review site is connected to this review site as well - they are posting comments back and forth posing as different people. Doing the exact same shady activity.

This guy is running a scam review site, he is just trying to get people to join under him in a b.s money making program. He gets your attention by saying unkind or critical things about innocent programs, lottery systems etc.

He has bad reviews on a few different places reporting he is a scammer running a fraud review site.