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Please to create posts and topics. Posting Fake Reviews

Here is one review site to avoid! lottery system review site is called been caught red handed posting fake reviews and also fake comments on various lottery systems. Gives fake good reviews to lottery systems he (fake Professor George) can make a sales commission from. Gives fake bad reviews to lottery systems he cannot sell as an affiliate. Hence no sales commissions so calls the system bad and post fake comments to make system sound bad, when it is not a bad system at all.

This is not very surprising, whole site looks like a pile of lies to make a sale. I had to review every last one of his (Professor George) so called good systems and a few so called bad ones (which are not bad). What I found was an inordinate number of so called good reviews on systems I already have used and know first hand. They are “Not Good Systems” and the comments posted are very suspect and some that are plain as day “FAKES”. When a lottery system review site is caught posting “Fake Reviews” this causes people to sink his or hers money into what he or she was lead to believe was a good system, yet is completely the opposite. This is a stinker of a play for a review site to do, it’s criminal!!!!

It's obvious the review site in question is run by a criminal (posting fake review is a criminal offence), do not believe a single review, and never purchase off this fake review site it would be a big mistake.

I even tried to post a bad review on one of his so called good system reviews and I also tried posting a good review on one of his so called bad system reviews…..Both Of My Posts Were Denied. CAUGHT RED HANDED FAKE REVIEW SITE

Tell others about this con artist people need to be warned!

My top post was moved here from another forum, but is is much later that the post below was posted.

It's funny to see once these fake review sites are posted on a reputable review site, they seem to just vanish. That review site is long gone, caught as a scam site and ran sooooo funny!



That review site has been gone for a while now. It was reported as a scam! The place stated was run by a Professor George which was investigated and found the whole thing was a fraud site.

Ya the review site is gone now comes up as a holding page as domain has expired. The guy ran when all was out in the open his reviews were all fake!

He called himself Professor George, again no professor just a scam site.