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So the way I see it the owner of this system says won the lottery 7 times (not the jackpot) yet gives very little proof if any. Then I find out there is no actual lottery system? It's basically just a few opinions and tips (not a real system) which are found easily all over the internet and are quite useless.

Then there is the factor of why the name change. First was Lottery Dominator then changed too, Lotto Dominator. Seems very fishy like changing the name as had serious problems, as in tons of bad reviews. Which was the case when I looked into it further.

Then we have a starting price of about $55 which then later went up to $147 ...... WHY? Nothing changed. Richard Lustig for no reason at all, just jacked the cost up. Also from what I hear did not give any refunds even though stated 60 day refunds. So he took people for a ride and gave them a useless lottery system. Something is very fishy about this Richard Lustig as things just do not add up. Most all review sites if not selling his system say it is junk, even on some TV show was stated to be a useless way to try to win the lottery.

Here is the next strange thing about this garbage system. The owner Richard Lustig has died....he is not behind his who is selling it? It would be very un-wise to purchase a system reported as junk and even more stupid knowing the owner is not here to run it and give support...seems like a huge fraudulent program if I ever saw one.