Buying And Checking Your Lottery Tickets

Sign Your Lottery Tickets

Did you know that you should legibly print or sign your name on your lottery tickets as soon as possible after you have purchase them. Do not write anything else on the front or the back of your lottery tickets other than what is required. The printing or signing of your name on the ticket identifies that ticket as being yours. Any other name or marks on the ticket, could delay you getting paid if it is a winner. It could also lead to an investigation which may take time, so just do it the correct way and all will be fine.

If you have purchased your lottery tickets as a group, appoint a trustee and clearly print only his or her name on the tickets along with the words “In Trust”. This will indicate the ticket/tickets belongs to a group.

Checking Your Lottery Tickets

You can check your lottery tickets to see if you have a winning ticket in a few ways, but generally you should use a self-serve ticket checker or just have it checked at your lottery retailer by a person or at the posted winning numbers. Numerous people have checked their own lottery tickets and have thought they were non-winning tickets and threw them away, only to later find out they were actually winners. Also remember, do not hide or lose your lottery tickets, put them in a safe usual place so you know where they are. Far too many people have had winning tickets, but lost them and of course lost whatever prize winnings they would have received, or found them after the winning ticket had expired.

Get Back Your Lottery Tickets

Any lottery tickets you get checked by a lottery retailer are to be returned to you. It does not matter if the tickets are winners or losers, you still should have the tickets returned to you along with a validation slip. The paid tickets are usually torn in two then returned to you along with the prize and validation slip, all other tickets will be returned in one piece. Any winning lottery tickets that the retailer cannot pay will also be returned to you in one piece along with the validation slip.

Good Lottery Tip

Now of course to get yourself more winning lottery tickets, you definitely must use a good lottery system to further your chances to win, see Lottery Systems Reviews for the better systems you should be using to play the lottery. Lottery systems are in fact, the only tools available to help increase your odds to win!


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