Lottery Software Systems Do They Work

The lottery, we all play it and we all want to win, so how do we improve our chances by lottery software or none software systems? If you have been doing your research you will most certainly know by now, you must use a good lotto strategy as in a lottery system if you are serious about winning the lottery.

Systems usually come in only two formats, lottery software or none software formats. Lottery software formats are the majority and are generally more expensive and usually have many problems associated with them such as, frustrating to use, freezing, working off and on, no up-dates or up-dates fail to work, generally just not working properly. None lottery software systems are usually less expensive, have no problems associated with using them at all, generally easier to use, easier to up-date if applicable and are the over-all wiser choice to use.

Without using a lottery system you have virtually no chance at winning, so yes, you need to step up to a proven strategy if you want better lottery winning success! Some people are very lazy and want a push a button type lottery system that just pops out the lottery numbers to play for them (lottery software). Do these people ever wonder where the numbers given to them come from? Most of these lottery software systems just give you your general past drawn lottery numbers, all which by the way can be found for free at lottery statistic websites for your lotto game. This is where many of the software systems get their data from and then supplies it to you. You are basically paying for something easily done by yourself and on top of that, many of these software systems will claim to give you a very high win rate, which again is not real, only meant to sound great, the real win rate will usually be very low.

Now, none software systems will allow you to actually see what is going on and how you are getting your numbers/lines together, basically you are in total control. None software systems usually allow you to easily apply other strategies so system can be used in a variety of ways and without any of the problems associated with software systems.

Yes, lottery software systems can be as easy to use as pushing a button, some are much harder and complicated to the point of being ridiculous. If you are just wanting something to play around with, software systems may be ok for you, but in general these types of systems are Not Winning Lottery Games. The true fact is, it’s the none software format systems that are the top winning systems. So you need to decide if you want to increase your chances for real to win the lottery, or take a chance with a software type system.

According to the latest best winning lottery system poll results, the top winning systems are all in none software formats and have no affiliates promoting them for commissions, just real winning systems. A very good example of a none software system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which also happens to be the top winning system in the world. The system was developed from software and because it is a pattern analysis system it still does receive routine up-dates without any problems to their private members site and you can easily apply their special strategies as you wish, again without any problems at all. This system by the way has awesome support, very fast support response, very professional, a feature most systems simply do not have.

We have received quite a few users reviews who have complained about lottery software systems, here is a general list of complaints we have listened to.

  • Software just gives me same past drawn lottery numbers I can get easily myself.
  • Software is not up-dating and seller will not fix or answer my emails.
  • Software is constantly freezing or stopping.
  • Software is working so slow it’s frustrating.
  • Software worked for a short time then stopped working.

We have heard reports of people jumping from software system to software system, only to find out the hard way these systems are having problems and are simply not as effective as they claim to be at winning the lottery. Of course any seller selling a lottery software system will tell you a different story, but real user reports are the honest trusted opinions we need to hear.

Here is a very common scenario we hear about when using a lottery software system.

User cannot figure out why system is not working correctly, thinks it is themselves doing something wrong, but in reality the system is just not working properly which seems happens a lot. User gets frustrated, emails seller for help, no reply is received, user gets stuck with bogus product. User tries to get a refund as says guaranteed, yet no refund is received, was refused for whatever reason, which also seems to happens a lot, seller gets richer, buy gets poorer. This is why lottery software systems that allow affiliates are no longer trusted by many, seller does not win the lottery using the system he or she is selling, just makes money from the sales of the hyped up product, which may be virtually useless.

There you have it laid out in plain laymen’s terms, you can now make a better decision on which lottery system format is right for you!

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