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The Silver Lotto System is a system created by an Australian publisher Ken Silver who claims to be a lottery expert. The Silver Lotto System has been around for over 20 years and the owner Ken Silver, claims his Silver Lotto system has won the lottery for many people including himself. Since the system has been around so long you would think there would be lots of real lottery winners, but that is not the case, we investigated and cannot find any real winners using the Silver Lotto System formula, seems to be all heresay and nothing more.

Ken Silver claims he won $2.2 million in the lottery using his own Silver Lotto System, yet we see no evidence of this at all being real. He shows a small group of so-called winning lottery tickets said to be winners using his Silver Lotto System, yet he blurs the tickets just enough so you cannot make them out. All else is in very good focus, just the evidence he claims is real. The actual Silver Lotto System has no real backup to show it is a winning system. All we can find are the huge amounts of affiliates promoting the system, this is of course to make sales commissions, none of the promoters have won using the system and many do not even use the system. This is a terrible way to promote a system, the only people recommending the system are the ones selling it!

We get real reviews of the Silver Lotto System sent in to us from people who have actually used the system. The general report on this system is, it does not work well at all at winning lottery games. The advertised silly super high 98% win rate claimed by this system is total nonsense! If a system won as high as 98% there would be tons of winners, but there are hardly any winners to back this up, so someone is pulling your leg big time!

We know for a fact, that the Silver Lotto System is nothing more than a made up system by a publisher who is most certainly not a lottery expert and the system is definitely not a true winning system. This Silver Lotto System only makes money by sales and sales commissions period! If you browse the Internet digging deep, you will find many bad reviews and complaints about Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System, which by the way used to be called the Honest Lottery System, which when checked out was not so honest. Every legit lottery system review site warns to avoid the Silver Lotto System as is a false winning system. We see on the Silver Lotto sales page tons of misleading content trying to show people how great the system is, yet it has no real proof to any of it, all just a marketing gimmick.

There was a recent lottery system poll to see which systems were winning lottery games and which were not. The Silver Lotto System which claims to have one of the highest win rates of any lottery system, failed to get good votes on this official lottery poll. No votes means no winners, case and point!

Silver Lotto System Failed As A Winning System

Silver Lotto System Failed As A Winning System

There are much better winning systems than the Silver Lotto System, do not be fooled by a publisher filling you full of nonsense, real people voted this system as a non-winning system. Real user reviews are solid proof of the truth, that is what will tell you if a system is real or not.

Now I would also like to point out many of our complaints we received against this Silver Lotto System, they were mostly for the system not winning as claimed and not being able to get a guaranteed refund. It seems Ken Silver does not honor his refund policy, he simply tells you you are not applying yourself and that’s that. We have also had reports of people still being billed over and over again even after canceling the system. Some other complaints were people bought the system, but did not receive it and no refund was ever given. Now to us these are all valid complaints to recommend you move on to another more honest system.

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We have found over and over again that the lottery systems that claim very high win rates such as the Silver Lotto System are usually the poor winning systems. Put that along with the fact the system is selling through a place that allows affiliates to sell it for commissions, this generally equals a non-winning system.

Read our reviews on the top lottery systems to see what is really going on, then pick a real winning system, that is the key to real lottery winning success!

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