Lotto Black Book System Caught As Fake

Most people have seen advertising for the Lotto Black Book System and read it was created by an Oklahoma Math Professor, this has been proven false! The Lotto Black Book System is not a secret lottery formula at all, it is just your common basic lottery strategy commonly found and used by many without good winning success.

The real creator of the Lotto Black Book is just your common marketer feeding you a bunch of misleading claims and using a phony scenario of being a secret system created by a professor. The whole system is nothing more than a money making gimmick, there are no real lottery winners who won big using the system. Even the so-called creator of the system Larry Blair claims 3 lottery jackpot winnings using his own system, yet does not show you any proof of any real legit winnings. This is all done to trick people into buying the system, it gets the seller and affiliates money through sales, but does not win lottery games.

This Lotto Black Book System has been verified as fake by most all lottery system review sites, also many articles reporting the system is fake. This fake Larry Blair Professor says he was shot in the leg for his  Black Book Formula, which of course has been also found to be complete nonsense. Just think about it, why would thieves shoot him in the leg to get his lottery formula and take a big risk, all they would have to do is buy the system correct! This getting shot in the leg scenario is a shady ploy to trick people into thinking the system is all that, when it is really nothing special at all!

We have read the Lotto Black Book and can assure you it’s nothing worth using and there are no big lottery winners who won using the system. You can also verify that this system is a total fake by reading a few real Lotto Black Book reviews, as most of the reviews on the Lotto Black Book are by affiliates selling the system, so of course they tell you it is a great system, but it actually is a very poor system. Here are few legit reviews below:

Lotto Black Book Another Completely Fake Product

The Lotto Black Book Review – False Lottery Formula!

Lotto Black Book System Completely Fake

Lotto Black Book Formula Is Nonsense!!

If the Lotto Black Book Lottery System was in fact a true winning lottery formula then why is it in a recent best winning lottery system poll, the Lotto Black Book was not voted on as the best winning system.

By revealing this information showing you how misleading the Lotto Black Book System really is, I hope we have saved you some money and time. Please add this article to your website, blog, facebook and so on it will help other to be better informed. Most all Lotto Black Book Reviews are fake, people need to see the legit Lotto Black Book Reviews so they are not taken in by this shady system.

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