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Please to create posts and topics. A Shady Review Site

Here is another shady review site people need to be warned against, it's called and it bad mouths/bashes legit lottery systems and other legit business for it own profit. The person who runs the review site is nothing but a shady affiliate marketer who is steering people to what he is selling. The guy who runs the bogus review site seems to be named Roope Robert Kiuttu from Finland.

He basically slanders other programs such as lottery systems that have we known names, then tries to sell you on his money making scheme, oh he is such a dear, wanting to help you out to make real money, he will even offer a free trial! If you fall for it, then you find out you need to pay $49 each month to continue, but here's the problem, the money making program might only work for a few people, the rest find out it's a bunch of B.S. There are many complaints against the B.S program at Rip Off Report, so the cat is out of the bag and all red flags point to this review site as being a shady scam site.

What kind of nut job attacks all legit programs including legit lottery systems? Telling you they are scams and to stay away from them, even says you should not play the lottery as it's a scam!

All is a scam to this nut job, but his affiliate program is going to make you rich, YA! Right! That is a terrible thing to do, attack all good programs so people want to check it out. Then feed them lies and fake reviews, just to try and grab their money. I call total maximum BullS*** on that review site, it’s just a cover for affiliate sales and nothing more.

I would love to see this Mother f-er go down hard!

No doubt about - this guy is a shady character running a fake review site. Looking into this character, I found him on twitter using the phrase " He Is A Man Of God" Oh Wow! Does this guy think hew is some kind of leader?

Well there are regular stupid people, then there are a special kind of stupid. This guys is a special kind of stupid! He's so dumb and yet just does not get it. He should take his review site down and hope he has not infuriated someone to the point where they react very badly.

Calls all lottery systems a scam and people who play the lottery fools. What in the world would he care? Why is he even looking at these systems? He is calling them scams, but get this!! This goof could not supply any proof of his claims, which means it's slander!!

He is only trying to hurt programs for nothing more than to lead people to his forum Just to try and convince them to buy into what he is trying to sell. He is a con artist full steam ahead!

He is trashing lottery systems that cost $20 - $40 but is sweet talking people into buying into wealth affiliate B.S that costs $359 per I said this guys a frigin idiot! Never give this idiot your personal details he most likely would use it.