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Win Lotto Systems Is Full Of Lies

This system is nothing short of a scam! Full of hype and big lies!

Here are the bad cons of this so called system.

1- It is a lottery software system which is not worth using any longer. Plus a long e-book to read, mostly mumbo jumbo off the internet you can find free, yet does nothing.

2- High cost for useless junk system

3 - Lies about a Professor creating the system. There is no professor just a made up scenario. System is created by a shady marketer.

4- System linked to a few shady review sites, you know the only review sites that say the system is good when it is a joke!

5 - To top it off the system used to sell through click bank, but click bank has now banned it as they found it was a scam!

I think these 4 points clearly outline this fake system and why you should not waste your time or money on it.

Pure Scam! Win Lotto Systems is said to be created by Professor Will Foster. I happen to know a few real professors and they would never sell a product without listing or laying out all of their credentials certificates, permits etc. This is so you could easy verify who they actually are. They would never sell their product through places as click bank where the Win Lotto Systems sales page is from, that's a given.

If you meet a dead end in your credential search for a professor or educator, you can safely assume the professor is a phony just like the phony Professor who created Win Lotto Systems.

How many of these stupid lottery systems claim to be created by a professor and are found to be complete frauds? All of them!

If you have the professors real name and where he or she teaches or taught, which should be provided by the professor along with his or her picture, you can easily call or look up on some .gov sites to verify all.

Win Lotto Systems is actually created by a marketer who also runs a scam lottery system reviews site

This dude is a SHADY MARKETER!!!!! Never believe a marketer who pushes you to systems that are affiliate based using deception, they will usually lie at all costs to sell a product.

What is very funny to me is the Win Lotto System is based on the exact type of systems or lotto strategy he puts down in his reviews.....don't buy into this dudes ridiculous recommendations, he a huge liar/scammer!





Just a bummer of a system. Yet another good example of lottery software scam type systems.

Win Lotto Systems was recommended to me as a great winning system by another forum said it was created by a professor, so it got to be decent right? Nope! this is not the truth! The real seller and owner is same admin running review forum, or at the very least an associate of his.

System is nothing special, an e-book full stuff already known strategies/software system, all very similar to many other lame systems. Even uses a fake professor as it's so called creator.

Here is a real copy of a bad user review (borrowed from another lottery review forum) concerning this system. Apparently there are many other bad reviews, enough I guess to make seller change from selling on click bank to Jvzoo which is another affiliate marking/selling site.

Actual persons email/review sent in:

I receive emails from This person seems honest and he recommends Win Lotto Systems on his website, a software that I did not know existed beforehand.

Based on his recommendation, I purchased the captioned software and I believed the hype concerning the guarantees: full refund or 100$ cash if system does not perform as promised.

I followed the recommendations and the system did not perform as promised.

When I requested the 100$ cash guarantee, the vendor refused for a reason that I do not understand because I followed his recommendations found in his e-book that accompany the software and I supplied the scans of tickets purchased as proof as required.

The vendor specifies in his "Win Big by Winning Small First" documentation: "the first step to your Win lotto system is to determine your budget." My budget is 20$ a week.

Again, according to his own documentation: "Please note, if your budget does not allow you to play as regularly as you would like, you are strongly recommended to only play properly every two weeks or once a month. To adopt any other strategy will waste your money." At a minimum, to play properly as he says, you must purchase 49 tickets to play a complete system as he recommends.

Since I do not like to waste money, that is exactly what I did, I did not play every week. However, I went over my budget using his system. In fact, for an eight week period I spent more than 215$ which is more than my 20$/week budget.
I corresponded with the vendor numerous times, with delays due to him purportedly being on vacation, and eventually I offered that he refund me the purchase price. He accepted and suggested that I proceed via his payment service Clickbank but suggested that if it had been more than 60 days from purchase (which it was as he well knew) they may not accept to refund me. I had not purchased the software via Clickbank because I could not complete the transaction. Instead, we had agreed that I would pay him directly via his PayPal account. (thought why? he is the owner of this system)

When I reminded him that I had paid via PayPal and requested a refund by PayPal, he stopped answering my emails.
This is why I say that it is a SCAM. He advertises guarantees, but when it comes time to pay them, you get stonewalled and get false excuses and eventually get empty promises.

To add insult to injury, I reported this situation to and asked him to stop recommending a SCAM artist. He replied to my email defending this vendor and furthermore seemed to have more information on hand than I had supplied in reference to my specific case which again suggested he was the actual owner of win lotto systems. They seem to be in cahoots together and they look be the same person for all I know. Anyway, he does not intend to stop recommending this scam artist, again strange to do.

I no longer trust Win Lotto Systems nor and I have unsubscribed from his emails. I now see I was scammed!

I do not wish my name or email address to be public.

Owner of Win Lotto Systems is simply a shady marketer folks, just be aware!!!!! People are reporting getting ripped off by this scammer!

Win lotto systems is a fake system and marketed by a shady person Martin Waterhouse. Who runs a lottery system review site as well.

He is the owner and the liar who actually created the garbage system to grab your money. There are tons of bad reviews on him and his bogus system.

Just did some searching and found quite a bit of bad reviews, negative comments and many who say the Win Lotto Systems is a SCAM!

I would not trust the system as there are far to many bad reviews and complaints against the system.

Been doing a lot of investigation on this Win Lotto Systems and all I can say is the whole thing, the system, the review site that pushes it ( is all a fraud!!

There is absolutely no professor it is the person named Martin Waterhouse who is behind all of this crooked system and review site.

Same person also runs a company called a digital marketing agency, website design/seo and IT Tech in New Zealand. To trust him with your seo, website or what have you would be a HUGE RISK!

All the info this guy puts out is all B.S and who know what he is doing with your information, Do Not Trust Anything This Guy Recommends.

Seriously poor system is all I can say about the win lotto systems, did not work for me. I do not believe any person has won using it. All I see are false reviews, and no real proof. This forum is one of very few to tell the truth and I respect that.