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Smart Luck

Ok, Yes i have tried it. For the cost is is useless. For what you win using it is almost zero! I wasted my money on this crap. Later i found out gail howard is a lier, not a lottery expert, just a publisher who steals wheels etc and re-sells them using her name. Caught using fake testimonials and the list goes on, so ya not smart luck, should be dumb luck.

Yes, for sure very expensive wheels to use and people seem to hardly ever win at all using them. Should maybe call this system No Luck!

We would not recommend using it, just find a better less expensive wheeling system.

We only put it in the better choice systems category as at least some people voted on it (poll) as they had a small win or two.

Most other types of lotto software /wheeling systems are far worse. So it's up to you, try it don't try it, it's just money right?

If we had to recommend a wheeling system, we would go with what was voted on the most, which is a system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. It is not in software format, it is pen and paper style which is very easy to use and to apply their extra strategies.

Also Smart Play Lotto Wheels is much less expensive to buy and to use. That is a big plus right there!

People voted it a second best winning lottery system, so ya, you are getting a good system with them.

I used to win free plays here and there on my own random numbers. So I thought buying the software would improve my odds, boy I could not be so wrong.

I haven’t won a single free ticket been using the system for a year. It really amazes me how scammers like this are allowed to operate. If you’re reading this and planning to buy, please don’t you will be sorry.

B.S systems! Gail Howard is a joke! All her systems are made up garbage and sold at very high prices.

Yes you might get lucky, but really just get a better system the first time, then just stay with it. I like Smart Play Lotto Wheels as their wheels are very effective and cost far less.