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Lottoexposed Another Review Site Not To Trust

Lotto exposed ( is a nasty nasty review site. They love to attack a program and take it apart making it look very bad. They will not take the time to say anything good about the program. Even if it is a very good program and is well liked. Seen this same pattern on most all of their reviews they have started. Their reviews are mostly ridiculous, even outright misleading. Do they care if they harm a program that is good NO! They attack a program saying this lottery software system has no free trial. So it's not worth using now.  Here's the bad part, the program is not a software system, so no free trial would be needed. So their crack research team are what? Monkeys! They guys are not running a legit review site period!

Lotto exposed says a program does not give the owners real name. Also no location/address and so on so is not trust worthy, Oh Wait! Neither does lotto exposed! They lock their Whois info so you cannot know any information about them. Soooo guess who cannot be trusted? "Lotto Exposed" is hiding the same info. Lotto Exposed just exposed themselves as a not to be trusted review site. Just another review site posting false misleading reviews.

Their support is so crappy you might as well not even try to contact them. Now here is the icing on this shady review site. Found out their reviews, the stars that show if a program is in a good or bad zone are rigged! Even the thumbs up is rigged. They do not want many thumbs up on any lottery system, but oh ya the thumbs down part works just fine - the whole review site is a Cesspool. Noticed that was changed after this was posted.

Also, it has been revealed that the reviews they post are mostly copied from other review sites. So not reviewed by any crack team as they say, just plain out copied reviews they know nothing about.

Another scam review site from the UK - Nasty!