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Lottery Looper Is Timersoft So Beware

Lottery Looper and Lotto Logic is from Timersoft. Lottery Looper is the newer software.

If it was so great, why isn’t the owner laughing all the way to the bank with their amazing wins? Where is their proof of wins? There is none!

Software systems are now obsolete, they are only for entertainment purposes.

Out of 3 lottery software systems Lottery Looper, Win Lotto Systems and Lottery Crusher. Lottery Looper was the worst and all three are pretty bad.

Are these systems scams? “yes they are scams”. Did better picking my own numbers which is very easy to do as most lottery games supply all you need for free to pick your numbers.

Don’t get suckered folks! Software systems are useless. The shady marketers who sell them know this, all they want is your money.

For lottery systems, there are non software systems that can help your win rates. Get those kind if you want to use a system.

These lottery software systems are really just scams! They are the worst kind of lottery system to use, people just are tricked into purchasing them do to their hyped up marketing tactics.

Lottery Looper is complete junk! It basically is the same system as Lottery Crusher and Win Lotto Systems as was reported by others.

If you have used this system let us know how you did with it, what were your results?