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Please to create posts and topics. Very Shady Review Site

There are lots of complaints about this lottery system review site called and looking into this review site it was found to be run by a marketer named Martin Waterhouse. He has had a few lottery system review sites, one was caught red handed posting complete lies and posting fake comments pretending to be a lottery retailer named Ben who is actually just Martin Waterhouse and just by the way recommends only a lottery system called Win Lotto Systems, which we know now is actually his own system.

Soon after this information was posted on another lottery review forum, Martin Waterhouse deleted that lottery system review site supposed to be run by a person called Ben to cover up his shady tactics, but he still runs his other shady lottery system review site plus another review site called which is also feeding people false foolish information.

Another complaint that many have voiced is the fact when they tried to post a good or bad review on, they were brushed off and told the review will not be posted, this as the owner does not agree with the review. Any review site un-willing to accept a good or bad review on a product or program is not a legit review site and should not be trusted at all regarding any program or product reviews.

This same shady marketer also ran another lottery system review site, it was caught red handed posting fake reviews using fake people. Even the review site was run by a fake person called Ben a lottery retailer, who was actually just good old Martin Waterhouse. He used this Ben to push people to systems he could make money from and or systems he actually owns like a system called Win Lotto Systems. Now he has moved from Australia to New Zealand and is running yet another business a website design/seo/IT Tech the company is called

He is an Affiliate Marketer, Internet Publishing, Software Development, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and a Con Artist!!

Do Not Trust This Review Site It Is Run By A Shady Marketer

I agree with you. Only thing that lottery review site is good at, is the old time art of scamming people into buying what they profit from. Who in the world would recommend known scam lotto systems? The system of which I speak of is the one allegedly developed by a professor, the name of system is Win Lotto Systems, it was also banned for sale from Click Bank which confirms it is a scam. Obviously the review site is linked to that system, as no other person would recommend it period!

That review site also told me to try out a so called good system lottery looper. which i went ahead and did. then found out it was the same exact software as other lottery software systems, all of them very poor at winning anything, just hyped up junk. Maybe this is behind other systems that are fake as well, avoid that review site something stinks bad there.

The actual site is front! This dude says he reviews all lottery systems, all B.S! This guy is so wrong on his assessments it's very funny. He is nothing but an affiliate seller hiding behind very stupid made up reviews of lottery systems he says are good or bad.

Acts like he is the most knowledgeable person alive, what a joke! We all know now he owns the fake Win Lotto Systems, while trying to sell to people using a ploy of being created by a Professor.

The guy who runs that review site is very shady.

That whole review place is shady and run by a con artist. They will not post your review unless it is same as admins opinion, total Bias review site not honest all all!

I have browsed this review forum a while back, it gave me a feeling that something was not right. Now I recently checked the forum out and noticed a few very odd disconcerning changes. For one, I remember a few certain lottery systems or programs whichever you call them. Were in the Bad section and now are in the middle section or ok.

So you tell me how someone can call a system Bad for years and then now all of a sudden they are ok? That's ridiculous....first giving a system a bad rep causes people to think it is very bad, but now is ok. If that is the case then the owner of that forum is a complete fool!!!!!

Hence all the complaints coming forth now about his lottery review forum which is basically a front to sell his own system or systems that are not using his own name. Just made up names such as his Win Lotto Systems supposed designed and sold by a professor which is utter nonsense.

The admin of that review place real name is Martin Waterhouse and his company is Mill Services, he lives in the UK then now in New Zealand - the win lotto systems is stated to be created and sold by a professor will. So the big lie comes out, there is No Professor. Just Martin who is a sneaky shady affiliate seller, selling under fake names.

This crooked marketer is lying to people on his review site to make money period! Do not trust a single word this guy says on his review site. I have caught him in tons of lies and I see others are starting to state the same...he is a con artist!

I have reported this site to ClickBank Security a few years ago now and they reviewed the affiliate site. Read reply email they sent me.

Luke W. (ClickBank)

Jun 19 12:58 (MDT)


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will review the Affiliate site to see if further action needs to be taken.


The ClickBank Security Team

I urge all to report this shady review site as an underhanded clickbank affiliate, enough is enough!!

UP-DATE: Same person lottery-guy opening a private lotto strategies section. Looks like another ploy to try and make money from people (he's going to charge people for this). Most likely will babble on about various strategies and why they do not work etc then push you to whatever system he is selling as Win Lotto Systems possibly others.

Remember this dude states that no strategy really works and puts down almost every single system. Except the one he sells or has some interest in. Now wants to all of a sudden reveal these strategies and tactics ya right!

There are only a few real good strategies. So this is just pure nonsense to try to make money yet another way from suckers who will fall for this junk.

Here's the email sent to me below from him:

New Lottery Strategy Launch: Pre-Register Here

This 'hidden' page is only for people who want to get updates about my new lottery strategy group.

It's going to be exciting. Development is already well under way - I've got plans for lots of tools and information to give you. I'm currently dumping an entire brain's worth of lottery strategies and tactics into a series of reports. These will get everyone up and running with a more focused and better chance of winning the lottery!

There's lots more to come, which I won't go into here.

If you think this might interest you, just register using the form below. If you want to stay updated and be invited to join before the general public, register below.

NOTE: This will NOT be free - I can't afford to put this much time and effort in and give it away. But I can promise you it will be affordable.


You see, he wants you to buy into this for a fee. All the stuff he will relay is stolen from others off the internet, he is a SCAMMER BIG TIME!


Building and maintaining trust with real honest reviews should be a review sites main goal. That review sites goal seems to be to push everyone towards what he makes money selling. 100% garbage review site!

I was recommended to use these systems Win Lotto Systems, Lottery Dominator, Lotto Black Book, and Lottery Audit. All from a review place called Now all those systems have been reported as scams!

Then i find out that same review site owner, is the real owner of the system Win Lotto Systems. He lies to people left right and center. He is a big con artist, never ever trust anything that review site says.

The real question is! Why would a review site recommend to use a scam lottery software system? As others have said already, something is very fishy here and the smell is coming from that review site. Lottery- guy website url

The review site is nothing but a front for a shady seller/marketer, it's been investigated by a few groups. It is also believed the same owner runs another review site

It's the only other lottery system review site that pushes the scam system Win Lotto Systems and gives the top winning legit system the Lotto Guy Lottery System a bad review.

Even Click Bank Banned that system for being a Scam! There is no  Prof Will Foster, that is a made up person used to sell a crap lottery system.

These con artists all trick people, lie on their so called honest forums, they are in reality just dirt, scum on the side of the road.

Now here's something to warn others about this clown running these shady review sites and sell his fake systems. The same person now runs a website called tell your friends and associates to avoid that service as it is by a scammer!

Same guy, real name Martin Waterhouse owns this website as well It is the website that is linked to that lottery system Win Lotto Systems, so caught red handed, there is no professor will, just con artist Martin Waterhouse now living in New Zealand. If you want his home address, PM me.





What a joke!!! just continues the myth that the review site is legit. In reality, they are introducing such tremendous bias and intentionally influencing unsuspecting people's decisions on what kind of review to post. Great business model for the unscrupulous.


From what I recall the guy who owns this scam review place was investigated and was going to be sued.....but he all of a sudden ran to New Zealand where it's hard to sue someone.

Run Scammer Run!

All say to avoid this as is a now very well known scammer!!!

He definitely is the owner and seller of a fake lottery system known as Win Lotto Systems......this even backed up by clickbank support......hope the worst for this ass clown.

After wasting a couple of hours trying to find some comments that were even remotely positive about other reported good systems to use in their testimonials section, I went elsewhere as realized the whole review site is a fraud. The owner of the review site is a marketer and owns many other sites, which are also frauds.