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Lottery Dominator Is A Scam

I can shed some light on this system. Lottery Dominator system is 181 pages long, ya, 181 pages of pretty well useless junk and advice. No system at all.

Here is the main point of the system. Pick your numbers and just keep playing those numbers WOW! That cost me $147 to get that crappy advice.

Total Scam! Yes i was one of the unlucky few to fall for this system. I mean really, the guy was on TV, so thought it must be a real legit method. Well it cost me $147 to find out i was taken by a big scam artist. No, could not get a refund.
Lustig basically pulled off a great con - fooling many out of their money. In the end he paid a big price, he died! Don't do this kind of crap to others, you know the saying bad things come to those who steal from others. That saying is sooo true!
Here is something else you should be made aware of. Lustiq also sells a system called auto lotto processor which again is a high priced bunch of junk. He also seems to be involved with a place (syndicate) called lottolishus and yes you have to pay a fee to join. He pushes this place in his lottery dominator system pdf so most likely he owns this place as well. This guy is tricking people like you would not believe.

He is dead now, so why are his programs/systems still up for sale? Who is running them? Something extremely shady is going on with this whole Lustig guy stuff.

Stay Clear Of Any Of His Systems/Programs

Lotto Dominator is a complete SCAM! My advice is to stay well clear of it.

I tried all 3 methods that is:

Lotto Dominator

Auto-Lotto Processor

Lotto Lishus

All complete SCAMS! all by same SCAMMER!

Plenty of outlay using the above so called systems with very little reward.

I was easily conned, but advise people who want to give it a DON’T, you will waste your money.

Anyone telling you this guys systems are for real is pushing the scam!