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Lottery Circle

Ace Lee is still selling his Lottery Circle System making it sound like you really need to use this software to get your hot and cold numbers. Quite ridiculous and a big waste of money! You can get those same hot and cold numbers from free lottery statistic websites. This is where all those silly software systems get their data from and then sell it to people who are clueless.

You can also just write down the winning numbers for so many draws for whatever lotto game you play. Then you can see what numbers are hot and cold, there is no need to go back like 30, 40, even 100 draws like Ace Lee would have you believe.  Really poor advice who does that, it's ridiculous.

Ace Lee owner of lottery circle system will tell you that you probably can't get these hot & cold number stats because it takes manual labor to get this type of research. Again Not True, maybe 10 years ago, but not now.

Ace Lee is just a shady marketer, he hypes things up to sound great when they really are not. This dude has even tried to sell other shady systems as a click bank affiliate stating the system was the best there is and you need to use it. Even though the system is reported as a fraud or shady. Ace Lee used to push Ken Silvers Silver Lotto System stating how great it is and by a lottery expert. Fact is Ace Lee and Ken Silver are not lottery experts, just shady marketers using bogus selling tactics to sell useless lottery systems.

These silly systems have been reported over the years on many review sites warning people to avoid them as will do very little to help you win. Never use a lottery system that a marketer created and allows affiliates to also sell it. That is your first big Red Flag to find a better system.

Oh by the way Ace Lee also goes by his real name BJ Min and sells other useless programs under that name as well.

Ace Lee is the owner of Lottery Circle yes? This guy used to tell everyone to buy his system and a host of others just so he could earn the commission from affiliate sales. He is a liar and a crook! Most all the systems he pushed people to were scams!

Used the system years back, it was total junk, then found out the guy who sells it is a scammer.