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Auto Lotto Processor Is A Scam

Auto Lotto Processor is absolutely garbage!! The system is another one of Lustigs systems. I have read at least 20 very bad reviews about both of his systems Auto Lotto Processor and Lotto Dominator, the guy was not a lottery expert, just had some luck, his Lotto Dominator is not even a system, it's just a stupid guide all of which you can find free on the internet, none of it works.

I recently got an email about this Auto Lotto Processor. What a load of crap! It's just a simple number generator, it's garbage. Who is selling this isn't Lustig dead? Then it ends with Talk Soon, DR. Henna ( Oh WOW A Doctor ) I am so impressed, i will glady get this system now, "What A Crock Of B.S" If any person falls for this stupid tactic, then you deserve to be ripped off!

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All of Lustigs systems have been reported as scams! Just avoid them!

All reviews I have come across concerning this system are relaying it to be a scam!