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Our Lottery System Reviews are all based on real users reviews and reports. No lottery system is worth using if it does not work to win the lottery. See which lottery systems truly work and which ones do not work to win the lottery! Legitimate Lottery Systems Reviews Are Necessary To Weed Out The False Or Non-Winning Systems. This Saves You lots of time and wasted money.

We have real lottery winning dreams just like you and frankly we are sick and tired of the amount of useless lottery systems making ridiculous claims. Stating how great they are, and even more sickening, is the growing number of misleading lottery system reviews. Also shady lottery system review sites giving fake reviews, well that Stops Here And Now!!!

We have investigated researched and tested many lottery systems to see if they would work as advertised. We obtained and gathered numerous reports from many sources on these lottery systems. These reports are by real users, informing us if the system worked or did not work for them. Our team rates each lottery system out of a Best Bang For Your Buck. More Dollar Signs the better the system is at winning lottery games. You can then choose the system you feel is best for YOU!

Never trust a lottery system review site that gives you or pushes you towards a link to a system that is an affiliate sellers link. Do not be fooled by these shady sites. If we supply any links it will be to the main lottery system websites as we are NOT affiliate sellers.

Good Proven Real Winning Lottery Systems

Smart Play Lotto Wheels – Rated $$$$$$ 

This easy to use very effective wheeling system won second place in the best winning lottery system official poll results. Smart Play Lotto Wheels is the only wheeling system that applies proven special win rate boosting strategy. Highly recommended system for all lottery players playing Powerball and Mega Millions. Yes, this system is easy to use even for you beginners .

Lotto Guy Lottery System – Rated $$$$$$

The system is a uniquely designed formula used by many real lottery winners. First the system won the best winning lottery system from official poll results out of many systems. This was by receiving the most votes from real users. It shows real proof of a legit good real winning system. Second the system is the only verified legit pattern analysis system (Formula Type System Not Software) in the world. In addition to this, the system genuinely gives good results.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a respected system that real lottery winners have used and we do highly recommend it. The system is un-like most lottery systems, it does not allow affiliates to sell the system. Which truly shows the system is not a gimmick relying on just sales.

Equally important is the system actually is a true verified real lottery winning system. Their main website is below so you can find it easily and safely. It’s one of the best systems you can use to improve your chances to win big lottery games like Powerball or Mega Millions. The system is easy to use and it’s not too expensive to buy so it’s a no brainer here folks.       

Gold Pyramid System Rated $$$$$ 

This excellent system was last selling in 2003. Only a small amount of systems were sold (owner/seller deceased). Would have rated much higher if continued to sell on the market, now very hard to find.

Smart Luck – Rated $$$

This system has some good reviews and some verified suspect reviews. Still some say works ok and won third place in the best winning lottery system poll. The over priced system is really to expensive to advice people to use.

Lottery systems we very highly recommend

Lottery systems we very highly recommend are: Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System as both are top winning systems verified by real reviews and users. All again verified by real poll results (best winning lottery system poll results). Polls simply do not lie!

Lottery Systems With Poor Win Rates And Poor Reviews

Lotto Black Book System – Rated $

The Lotto Black Book system has been around a long time and tested by many people. No verified reported winnings from users with this system. This system once thought to be real has been proven a phony system. It was caught using false advertising to sell. Larry Blair Math Professor who is the supposed creator of the system is a total fake. Furthermore there were no lottery jackpot winnings!

More and more Lotto Black Book System user reports and reviews are stating the system is not a winning system. Does not win lottery games as it is claimed to do. We want to warn you again that the Lotto Black Book System is not a real lottery system created by a math professor. It’s really just a made up gimmick to get sales.

The system is misleading people with false advertising big time. Update: What a surprise, system has now vanished, all who purchased lost their access and their money. We told you so and now it is widely known as a scam system.   

Silver Lotto System/1-Minute Silver Lotto System/ Honest Lotto System – Rated $

The Silver Lotto System was created by Ken Silver who is not a lottery expert. He is just a Publisher/Marketer. Ken Silver claims his Silver Lotto System will give you a seriously high 98% win rate ( win 9 out of 10 draws). This is totally false! Nothing but false advertising to sell a misleading product. we cannot find any real winners who have won using this system.

His testimonials are all very suspect and there are many reports stating to stay clear of this system. Ken Silver is now reported on many scam and rip-off sites which is very bad news and is possibly why he keeps changing his system name so frequently to cover up. Ken Silver claims to have won the lottery jackpot, but yet strangely does not show any proof at all.

Formula 1 Lotto System – Rated $

This lottery system claims to be developed by Glen Hooke an MIT Professor and he says it took him 27 years to develop. Although very amusingly it used to say it took him 9 years, so which is it? You would think a so-called professor would know how long it took him to develop his system. Well that is if a real professor actually developed the system, which is not the case at all.

There is no Glen Hooke MIT Professor, just a shady marketer selling a false winning system full of false advertising. There are no real big winners who have used this lotto software system. Most all reviews on the system are by affiliates who sell the system, so all false!

Lottery Dominator/Lotto Dominator – Rated $

The lottery Dominator system has been verified as a non-winning silly system created by a marketer Richard Lustig. Lustig who has now passed away was indeed a con artist. This one promises you that it is the best lottery system you can get. We investigated the system and could not find even one legit person who claims to have won using this silly system. All reviews stating the system is good are by affiliates who are selling the system, so again they are false!

Win Lotto Systems ( – Rated $

First off we do not buy into the silly developed by Professor William Foster MBA scenario. This is a commonly used similar selling tactic on many systems we have seen. This lotto software wheeling system is very similar to many free lottery wheeling systems, there is no proof it works as good as claimed. No real verified winners using the system can be found. If the system worked so great there would be tons of winners, but there simply is Not!

Some review sites recommend this system, but on closer look, it is because they are affiliates selling the system to make money. So not truthful reviews at all! UPDATE. This system has now been liked to forum as being the real owner or in cahoots with real owner. There are many lies surrounding this system pushing people to buy it by giving it false reviews.

You have been warned by use now! Just a marketing trick to make money. The system itself is very poor at winning anything and expensive to try out. is a marketer/affiliate/owner of win lotto systems that’s is why he recommends it.

Lottery Destroyer – Rated $ 

Lottery Destroyer system is yet another lottery software system that claims to give you big tremendous winning success. This system is just a very common type past drawn winning lotto numbers system (hot and cold numbers system). There really is nothing special about the system. Virtually a dime a dozen systems like this on the market.

This system gives you the same information you can get for free yourself. This type of strategy gives you at best, about a 2% win rate, not big tremendous winning lottery success (Just Big hype To Sell). Cannot find any real winners using this system. It is a complete waste of time and money!

Lottery Crusher – Rated $ 

Yet another lottery software system that claims a 100% win rate (changed it now as was caught) which is seriously misleading. At best it would only give you about a 2% win rate so do not be fooled by these lotto software systems.

Says system claims to have helped millions of people win, this is once again not true! Lots of false advertising along big hype. This for a system that produces very little winning results, according to many real life users of the system who have tested it. Most all lottery software systems are virtually useless.

Beat The Lotto – Rated $ 

This lottery system has been around for ages and there are no real winners that have used the system. This useless system does not beat the lotto! System has lots of false reviews by affiliates. Just another common past number results system which once again is proven to be of little value to win lottery games.

Lotto Master Formula/Lottery Master Formula – Rated $

Another system based on analyzing past winning lotto number results. Lots of very obvious fake claims in the sales letter. Plus All good reviews are written by affiliates selling the system. No real winners found who have won using the system. The Lotto Master Formula is nothing special. Even using random lottery numbers would give similar results.

System creator claims that he can prove to anyone how his system can win the lottery. How? By giving a 78.9% accuracy on small lottery winnings and 66.2% accuracy on big lottery winnings. So where are all the winners? Where is real legit PROOF? On the sales page is all false so called proven fake testimonial. Nothing is true about this shady system, just forget about it.

Lotto Variant System – Rated $

This lottery system makes big claims, but there is nothing real to verify the claims. Plus there is evidence that winning cheques shown on sales page have been copied, which says bogus system right off the bat. There are no real winners who have used this silly system. All reputable review sites have it listed as a very bad system or high risk and we agree!

Lottery Winning Formula – Rated $

Once again yet another lottery software system that is claiming to give you great lottery winning results. This lottery system was tested by many people and all reported getting no winning success. Many people who have tried this system have advised others to avoid it. We also agree, most all of these software systems are basically the same general system.

All info they give is free online at lottery statistic websites. This system is just once again a very hyped-up system that wins nothing!

Lottery Circle Software – Rated $

This lottery software system is created by Ace Lee (real name BJ Min) a self proclaimed lottery expert. Ace Lee claims his system will give you a stupid huge 96% win rate. This is we total B.S, it’s just not even close to being Realistic!

System once again is just your commonly seen dime a dozen system. All based on analyzing past drawn winning lottery number results. Systems such as this will only give you about a 2% win rate at best. Actually not really even a real lottery system, just lottery info/data that can be used with a real lottery system.

This system has many user complaints about the system having false advertising. No 60 day guaranteed refunds honored, same info/data in system is actual easily found free online at lottery statistic websites. Now we hear news Ace Lee is trying his hand again at selling his fake systems. Never buy anything from this guy.

Lottery Audit Software System – Rated $ 

This lottery system seller claims their Lottery Audit software system is the best and is trusted by 877 people. Well that sounds great, but where are all these winners we cannot find even a single one? The only thing we can find are affiliate reviews who are actually selling the system, so they are not real reviews. This again is lottery software that is no different than the many other lotto software systems on the market. Mostly all hyped up to make the system sound great, but in reality useless.

This was also reported by real testing by users, will only give you about a 2% win rate. So is yet another good example of why we recommend avoiding lottery software systems, they simply are all the same B.S.

Lottery Slayer – Rated $ 

The Lottery Slayer system is created by JLR Group LLC which once again we see claim their lottery software system is the best system. Sorry, but once again this system is just a very common type lotto software system that we are seeing over and over again. Only difference is, it’s just under a different name. Again there are no real winners found that have used this system. The system is nothing special and all review sites report it as a poor non-winning system.

Lottery Checkmate System – Rated $

This lottery system is created by Sergey Tabin who says he is an ex chess player who claims to have developed a winning lottery system. States that he earns $3,000 – $10,000 monthly from using his system. Sorry, there is no proof of this claim what so ever and we cannot find a single reputable winner who has won using this system.

All review sites give this system very poor reviews. Most report the system as nothing but hype and false advertising. We did happen to however find out the system was actually just made-up by a marketer. So based on all of these facts, we do not recommend this system at all!

Lotto Cash Machine – Rated $ 

This lottery system claims to give you a 48.7% chance to win every time you play your lottery game. This is simply not true! We investigated this system and found out it’s basically direct copycat of another proven useless non-winning system. The Lotto Cash Machine has no real winners, has been report by many as bad. Also very bad reputation as a non-winning virtually useless system. This system is a very poor attempt to sell an ineffective copycat lottery system, just under a different name. We do not recommend this system.

Lotto Payload – Rated $ 

The Lotto Payload system is yet another lottery software system promising to give you the winning lotto numbers by past drawn winning number algorithms (Hot & Cold Numbers). We have read many real reviews on people using this system and not winning with the system.

This news does not surprise us at all ( most all good reviews on this system are by affiliates selling the system, so fake!). Again all of this information in this system is actually available for free online at lotto statistic websites. You are being fooled by paying for it and it will never give you a better than a 2% win rate, about the same as using random numbers.

Lottery Winning Package – Rated $ 

This system is by Chris Malcolm and is just more of the same useless copied information off the Internet. We are seeing this in many other package type systems. The system is bundled into a package of various systems for Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, to Pick 6. So what you are receiving is a lot of rubbish for your money instead of real proven winning systems.

Chris Malcolm is just a Marketer/Author and gets all his material totally free online. Free material is free for a good reason, they do not work good at all to win lottery games. Don’t be fooled by this misleading lottery system seller Chris Malcolm. He is well known for selling useless systems, all just hyped-up to sound very special, but produce very poor winning results.

Ultimate Lottery Package – Rated $ 

Lottery package system is by Billy Bridges. It is supposed to be a secret type of system with secrets which began in a secret society of 500 big lotto winners. The system states you must also be smart enough to understand their secrets to use it properly. Billy Bridges Says he interviewed 137 big winners. This system was investigated and found to be very fishy. For one there is no proof of any big lottery winners or secret society. That is all just made-up nonsense to sell the silly product.

There simply are no real lottery winners who have won using this system. All good reviews are by affiliates selling the system, no real legit reviews at all! We definitely do not recommend this system.

Winning Lotto Secrets – Rated $ 

Here is another system by Terry Fisher which is very hyped-up, but nothing special. The system is just an e-book full of the usual commonly found free lotto strategies online. Winning Lotto Secrets has No Real Lottery Secrets plus the system has No Real Lottery Winners. We highly recommend you save your money for much better real verified systems that will really increase your chances to win the lottery.

Psychic Lotto Formula – Rated $

This lottery system is not really even a system. We have reviewed bad reports concerning this supposed system and have heard of no winners who have it. Use at your own risk! We really don’t see this system as a viable lotto system and in no way do we recommend it.

Lotto Profits – Rated $

This system has big claims of increased odds to win of 500 percent overnight. Claims thousands have used the system to win the lottery, how is that possible? The system is really nothing special? System is a software system based on past drawn results and Astrology. We do not accept the 500 percent increased odds to win as being realistic and we have not received any good reviews on this system. Have not seen any evidence by anybody (the thousands of winners they claim using the system and winning) has had good success with the system.

With so many of these past drawn results type systems on the market and seeing the many reviews on them stating they never seem to do as claimed. We see no logical reason that this particular system would be any better, they are simply a dime a dozen and every marketer seems to sell one. We cannot recommend this system as it simply is not logical.

Lottery Dominator – Rated 

Lottery Dominator owned by Richard Lustig sells for $55.35 then price jumped to $147 (at time of this review). It seems that the claims Richard Lustig makes about his system look to be false. The system if you can call it that, is just a bunch of general tips to use, that is it! Lots of bad reviews surround this virtually useless system. Why the system name change? Was first Lottery Dominator then secondly was Lotto Dominator, that seems very fishy. Actually is a huge Red Flag!

Every lottery system review site reports the system as garbage or even a scam. Richard Lustig has actually past away, yet his systems are still up for sale. That again is also a big red flag, you have been warned!

Lottery Systems Caught As Fake Systems And Or Now Vanished Along with All Money No Refunds, We warned you!

Lotto Strategies For Winners –  System created by Richard Wilson who was is apparently dying from cancer. He has chosen to reveal his amazing secret lottery system for just $77 to all. Now here’s the real truth! This system was caught using fake names and photos of winning lottery cheques and was labeled as a bogus system. The system has now since vanished along with everyone’s (members) money.

Lottery PhenomenonThis very ridiculous so-called lottery system is telling you to dream your winning lottery numbers, that’s it! Secondly this is not even a lottery system. Just a con job to grab your money. We reported this well before the system vanished.

Winning The Lottery In 3 Steps/Mark Bower Lottery System – System was caught red-handed using false advertising and the system it’s self was tested by many to not do as advertised. All good reviews on this system are by affiliates. There is no real truthful reviews to show any evidence this systems works to win lottery games. This system has since vanished along with peoples money and system with no refunds given.

The Lotto Black Book System – We knew this was going to happen eventually, as there is way to many bad reports concerning this silly system. As we informed you in the past, do not fall for systems claiming huge win rates, or systems that are claiming to be developed by professors and so on. 9 out of 10 times these are just phony scenarios created by marketers to sell ( false advertising to make money).

Lotto Variant Software – Another lottery software system that was put together by some trumped up so called lottery expert/math tech/professor. As expected this system has flown the coop along with all members money and as usual no refunds given back. We keep telling you all to stay clear of lottery software systems. They are useless and obsolete and none of them are telling you the truth. Only systems that work are non –software the rest are for entertainment only!

Win Lotto Systems – Another lottery software system that was put together by some trumped up totally fake Professor. The system was also banned by Click Bank for being a bogus system, also had tons of bad complaints.

The system is all hype, the so called Professor who made the system is all fake and the real owner of the system has been verified as a shady marketer. We keep telling you all to stay clear of lottery software systems, they are useless and obsolete and none of them are telling you the truth. Only systems that may work ok are non –software the rest are for entertainment only!

Proof Of Real Lottery Winning Systems

See proof of real lottery winning systems, real lottery winners voted on. See which system or systems won lottery games for them! Take a look at the latest official poll results below:(Click on poll to open larger in new window). You cannot get better solid proof of which lottery systems are working or not working! (click poll chart to open larger)

2013 Best Winning Lottery Systems

Lottery Systems Reviews Poll Results

As you can see for yourself, the top winning lottery system real users voted as best winning systems were. Lotto Guy Lottery System, Smart Play Lotto Wheels System and Smart Luck System. The top winning system was the Lotto Guy System. Which is now known as the worlds best winning lottery system for big Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lottery games.

We have a great number of users who report doing very well using the Lotto Guy Lottery System. It is an excellent system to use that really increases your chances to win the lottery! Just remember no system can guarantee you wins. 

When looking at any lottery system to use, first look at the signs that may indicate if it is a false or misleading lottery system, secondly, you need to do research.

  • Is the system claiming to give a very high win rate. Any win rate over 30% -35% will be false! There simply is no verified system that can give you a win rate higher than 30% – 35%. (exception full lottery wheel, but cost big money to use, must already have a big bank roll)
  • Does the system allow affiliates to sell it. If the system is sold through market places such as Click Bank, JVZoo and so on, affiliates can also sell the system, which is a very clear indication the system does not win lottery games. Just usually a money making gimmick (sellers makes money only through sales)
  • Does the system give you many so-called great testimonials? If so, it is your right to ask to see proof of who wrote the testimonial (Name, Phone Number, Address, Picture ID, Email Address and verification of the winning lottery ticket) If no proof is given, testimonial is mostly likely totally fake as seen on 90% of lottery system sellers sales pages (many caught doing this).
  • Almost every single lottery system claimed to be created by a Professor, Mathematician, Math Genius, Lottery Expert, and so on has been found to be false! These are just common marketers (not lottery experts) using these phony scenarios to grab your attention, then your money!
  • Does the system offer a Guaranteed 60 day money back full refund? If it does, how can a legit lottery system or gambling product offer this guarantee, every single person would just ask for the refund, sales would be useless. We have reviewed many reports of people not getting their refund when it was guaranteed, always something stated to prevent the refund, so do not be fooled, it is a gambling product and using it, is a gamble!
  • Is the system using another systems good name to draw you in, then find out it is not the system you thought it was? Or bad mouths a system then directs you to what they are selling? This is happening with a few of the top rated winning systems. As example we have seen a poor winning systems/MLM programs use the Lotto Guy Lottery System good name in an article headline. You open up the article and find it has nothing to do with that system. This is usually done by a useless lottery systems or marketers trying to piggyback using the better systems name hoping you will buy their system or money making program. We see this as a big Red Flag! Any system/review site that would do this nonsense is clearly shady and trying to mislead people and should be avoided completely.

Here are a few articles out of many that will inform you more about a few systems.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Lotto Black Book Another Completely Fake Product

Silver Lotto System Review Real Truth Exposed!

In conclusion you seriously need to increase your chances to win lottery games such as: Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Georgia Lottery, New York Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Washington Lottery, Virginia Lottery, Lotto 649, Lotto Max, Powerball, Mega Millions, plus many others.

So you Must Use Real Verified Winning Systems or You Are Simply Wasting Your Time And Money! Many people ask this same question “How Can I Win The Lottery”. The answer is by using a real winning system or strategy that will increase your odds to win the lottery easier. That’s it Lotto Exposed, that’s the key to real lottery winning success, Period!

Have you tried and tested out a lottery system? Send us your lottery systems reviews to

We want your report on the lottery system or lottery systems you have tried. Did the system help you win money? Did the system work as advertised? Does the system have an affiliate program which shows is MLM type system not real winning system? What problems did you have?

If a system has a guaranteed refund and you requested it, did you receive it? We do not answer questions. We just gather lottery system reviews to inform others. Your review is very important!

(Reviews are all by legit users of these systems Not Affiliates or system sellers)

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